Ginette Garde is first of all a story of family heritage. Ginette is quite simply my grandmother: a passionate, courageous, and above all avant-garde woman, she creates her own collection of clothing after the war.

From 1952, it was in her authentic house in Cherbourg, Normandy that Ginette drew her sketches and made dresses with floral patterns. 

My grandmother opened a concept store in Cherbourg at the time, where she sold her own creations while offering jewelry, a hairstyle and beauty salon.  She was one of the first women to have opened what are now called "Concept Stores" by being a precursor for her generation! 

Bring together everything that women need on a daily basis by fully personalizing the services and products offered in one place ... A daily pleasure to hear the testimonies of our loyal customers. 

Let women feel beautiful and unique, this is my grandmother's motto.





Since my earliest childhood, I have had the chance to bathe in his universe. Her home was filled with objects, fabrics, embroidery, bric-a-brac, it was a veritable palace of wonders for a little girl like me and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 



Here is one of the first parades ...


This childhood inspired me to relay it to you through my Ginette Garde creations.

Entirely designed by me, I offer you a Capsule collection each month, for you, dear Ginette Girls, to make you feel UNIQUE.

My creations are thought out, drawn, months in advance, sometimes even at night and as soon as an inspiration comes to me.

I imagine and create simple, timeless clothes, in which you will feel beautiful and good every day! Pieces that I myself have spent my time researching ... My priority is to find beautiful materials, mostly of natural and unique origin, such as the development of my own prints.

"You are unique my Ginette Girls"

- Manon Roussel