Our commitment 🇫🇷

All our creations are exclusively made in France.

What if we told you about all the manufacturing steps required for our French creations?

Thoughts, created, drawn by Manon, the founder .. Ginette Garde creations sometimes come to life at night or during an encounter with an object, a person, a moment ... 

The sketches accompany us during our meetings with our production workshops, located in Paris itself, and this is where they begin to come to life.

A perfect alchemy is created with the style office, in Paris, which permeates our ideas by integrating the identity Ginette Garde. The image is created in our heads and we decide which material will be the most appropriate for the model imagined.

The selection of materials of mostly natural origins and from France and Europe are carefully chosen on composition, outfit and origin during our trips to our Parisian supplier.

The prototype comes to life after a typical cut sent to the workshop to manufacture the model. The latter is tested on different sizes in order to validate the sizing and visualize the movement of this part. We make the modifications under the advice of the stylists and according to our favorite! 

Once the fabric has been selected and validated on our prototype, it is ordered and delivered directly to our parisian workshop in order to start the production of validated models.

The magic of the collection launch then begins ... as well as all the logistics that go with it. 

To limit our ecological impact, we have decided to minimize the production circuit which takes place entirely in Paris, from the design to the delivery of Ginette Garde creations in our offices in Paris, Rue Blondel.

We are happy and proud to offer you parts 100% made in France.


"You are all beautiful but you will be unique in Ginette Garde"

-Manon Roussel